Haircuts! Japan day 15


In the morning we met bren and Gordo at shunjuku station, our usual spot! Went for some breakfast and Starbucks, where we met up with DaveC. Then, we flipped some tables! DaveC, Chris and I had a competition on who could flip a table and send items flying the farthest. Chris won! We also played some Mario Kart and the game where you try to pick up prizes with the claws, but you never get anything, even when you try over and over and over again.....

DaveC getting ready to flip some tables!

Guys playing Mario Kart

They all played toad, but Chris won!

After table flipping, we trained to Harajuku. We walked around a park there. We saw a atemple and 2 weddings!

In the park in Harajuku

Bride #1's hat

Bride#2's hat

We waked down the harajuku streets and people/store watched! So many things! We saw some delicious crepes and ate them! And then delicious hamburgers :-)

Streets of Harajuku


Can I has this outfit??


Chris, Gordo and I got haircuts in Harajuku.

Chris and I with the ladies who did our hair!

Chris, Gordo and skip with new haircuts

We went to meet up with Bren and Dace in Shibuya. Also a very cool area with tons of people! We met them at Book Off and bought some video games. Then we met DaveB and went for dinner at yet another delicious Japanese restaurant. This place had lots of tapas so we ordered some of everything and tried this and that.

We headed back for an earlyish Sunday night.


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