Na na na na Tokyo! Japan day 12


We had a lazy morning in our huge hotel room and I skyped a bunch with my family.

We bought too many "mumbo jumbos". I meant to bring one box to Tokyo for our friends and one to Victoria. This is the moment where I realized they will expire before we go home and Chris can't eat them, so now I will have to eat them all myself...

Then we took the metro to the Shinjuku area not too far away. I think Shinjuku Station is the busiest train station in Tokyo, which is saying something! The area is bustling, to say the least. We grabbed some breakfast and then walked to a big park - shinjuku goyen. Before we went in, we heard from Gordo who had just arrived in Tokyo!

We walked back and met him outside the train station. We went for lunch and Gordo had really spicy ramen and I had an enormous melon soda float! We bought the items from a vending machine at the front of the store which prints out a ticket. You give the tickets to the waitress and then later she brings out your food! So convenient. The vending machine has mini pictures of the food too so you can see what you're ordering even if you can't read the Japanese.

Then we took the train to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. Firstly, the building and grounds themselves are a museum of their own with lots of nooks and mini doors and hidden cuteness, all dedicated to things made by Studio Ghibli. We got to watch a short film in the theatre and wander around and look at the various exhibits. The children's play area had a huge plush nekobus (catbus!) which the kids were crowded into and on top of. Very cute. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but we took some outside.

Ghibli Museum!

We took the train to nakameguro to meet Dace and Charlotte for dinner. They took us to a most delicious sushi restaurant. It was incredible. And the eel, my favourite, was so yummy!! Unagi!! There were probably only a handful of tables at this small restaurant. You wrote your order down in Japanese on a piece of paper and then handed it to the waitress. Then she would bring out a delicious plate of sushi. It was our first time sitting at tables where you sit on a straw mat on the floor. It was pretty uncomfortable and my feet kept falling asleep! I think we got better at this as we had more practice over the course of our trip.

Delicious delicious sushi

We headed back for an early night as Dace had to work in the morning. One of the best sushi we've ever had!


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