Takin' a breather. Japan day 10

Matsumoto to Fuji five lakes

We are staying in our cheapest hotel stay of of the trip in Matsumoto. It's pretty nice though and very close to the station. We think it might be one of those businessman hotels Gordo told us about. It has automated teller payment and a laundry room, woot! So this morning we decide we should probably do some laundry! We are at about the halfway point in our trip!

After our two loads of laundry, we caught the train to Lake Kawaguchi where we are spending a night in a fancy ryokan. It will be nice to relax for a bit after all our sightseeing! I, for one, and looking forward to the food!


We arrived at Lake Kawaguchi in the afternoon and cabbed to the ryokan. It is right on the north shore of the lake. It is much fancier than the ryokan at Yoshino, but less traditional I think. The building is well insulated and you can wear shoes inside! You also have the choice of two types of garb, the traditional yukata robe or monk working attire (pants plus tunic which is more more comfortable). We were greeted in the lobby waiting area with tea and treats and given an overview of the ryokan. After tea, we were shown to our room.

Wow, i think the "room" is bigger than one of the floors of our apartment. There are 4 areas plus a hallway: entry - where you take off your shoes, sitting - for getting dressed and ready, main room - bigger table for having tea, tv and turns into bedroom at night, and the outer room with big glass windows overlooking the lake with views of Mt, Fuji. This is fancypants.

Our ryokan room

We went to explore the lounge area where they have beverages and comfy chairs to sit and enjoy the view through the glass wall overlooking the lake. We had a nice sit and some coffee. Later we went to sit in the public baths. They have 2 floors for ladies and 2 for men. So nice to just have a day of relaxing and pampering. Feeling quite spoilt here!!

In the evening, we headed down to the restaurant for a kaiseki feast. We didn't take down our cameras so no pics, but each dish was sooooo pretty. There was also so much food! How do Japanese people eat so much?! We ordered some plum wine with dinner and I ate mostly everything until the very last dish where I couldn't finish all the rice. SO FULL. I even ate both mini raw squids which looked like something I dissected in 8th grade Science class.

Dinner Feast!

We went back to our rooms to relax for a bit and digest our crazy feast. Our beds had been laid out in the main room while we were having dinner.

We headed down to the lounge for tea time (8:00 - 10:00pm) before going to the spa for a massage and I got my nails did.

<3 Japan!


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