Rained out! Japan day 18


We were glad we went out into town the night before because it was raining steadily the next day. :-(

Rob tries natto! (Rob also insists on eating
everything with chopsticks. Even omelettes.)

After breakfast at the hotel, we got 2 day transit passes and headed to Nijo Castle. It was a beautiful place with so many grand rooms, each one with paintings on the walls and doors. It was pretty rainy and wet though so we decided not to continue on our temple tour and head into town for some food.

Nijo Castle

Cool trees!

No scribbling!

Hiding from the rain

We ended up around Gion in an old looking district and found a Japanese place. Lots of the guys had beef. DaveB got tofu which came in a cute wooden hot pot tofu box with a little spot for steam and a holder for the sauce. Kawaii! I ordered a bento with various Kyoto style dishes. It was also elaborate and tasty. What a treat!

It was still raining after lunch so we wandered around town. We tried to go to Pooh's Cafe again, but it was closed! So we grabbed coffee at another shop. Rob had seen a poster for a Henri Cartier-Bresson photography exhibit at the contemporary art museum down the road so we went to check that out, glad to be indoors. It was really good!

We don't envy this guy

We were pretty tired and it was still raining so we went back to the hotel for a nap.

We headed into town for dinner and went to a place in Gion again. This one was upstairs and we had to sit on the floor. They had some contemporary Japanese dishes and we tried loads of stuff. Very yummy! Pretty much all the food we have had in Japan has been super tasty!

Lots of neat restaurants in Pontocho area, Kyoto

We tried to grab some drinks after, but couldn't find anywhere to go. We ended up at a Zaza pub which seemed to be full of tourists. Rob made some friends with some aussies, but they had just arrived as well and didn't have suggestions of places to check out. After some late night pizza, Brendan, Chris and I headed to back to the hotel for sleeps.


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