ROBOTS! Japan day 13


We got up and headed back to Shinjuku to meet up with Gordo and have breakfast at a nearby place. 389Â¥ (~$4) for sausage, egg, rice, soup, salad and side! Yata! I accidentally got shaved radish as my side though and it looked like snot soup :-(

Over breakfast we had made a checklist for the day, so afterwards, we set off to check off our list:

1) Take in view from observation deck of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
2) Find Don Quijote store (miscellaneous store that sells everything) and buy a surprise present for Daveb (gordo)
3) Find table flipping game.

We had a late start so we were pretty impressed with ourselves for checking off the whole list! We even had time to play some arcade games and have lunch.

1) Outside Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

2) Present for DaveB

3) Table Flipping!

BONUS #1: Arcade

BONUS #2: We also went to Nakano Broadway, an anime mall with lots of very specific things. I got a couple games at a toy store. We went to a tiny bakery there and ate delicious fresh baked goods. Yessssssss.

Some weird stuff we saw at Nakano Broadway

BONUS#3: We even went back to our hotels for a nap before meeting up with the rest of the gang for the robot restaurant dinner DaveC and Charlotte made reservations for. DaveB and Brendan were flying into Tokyo that day and meeting us for dinner.

We somehow managed to all meet up (7 of us!) outside Shinjuku station, which was pretty busy on a Friday night!! Then we headed down a few blocks to the Robot Restaurant.

Outside robot restaurant, wut!

Buying dinner tickets from vending machines

Wow, even the waiting room is shiny and blinky and amazing and rediculous in its shiny-ness. We had tickets for the 2nd show of the night so we hung out for a bit in the waiting room until our show which is downstairs.

Fancy, very very shiny waiting room

As we head down many flights of stairs to the main room, every flight of stairs is another spectacle.

Our group in the back

Screens in front, behind and on the ceiling!

In the main room, we all get seats together in the back row. The show starts off with themed dancing. The walls and ceilings contain giant screens which show videos that match the theme of the act. Nothing too exciting. But then. each act of the show gets progressively crazier, and eventually the are pterodactyls, pandas on giant cows and loads of robots. Evil robots, dancing robots, human-looking female robots, DJ robots and then out of nowhere a tank and a plane!!! We are speechless as it ends. You can go up and take pictures with the robots at the end as well.

What a show. Like nothing we've ever seen.

The show was great, but the dinner that came with it wasn't very good. So we head out down the street to the nearby golden gai area and find a small karaoke bar. We figure we'll stop in for a drink or two. We end spending most of the evening in here singing and dancing and meeting lots of new people who are intrigued by this large group of foreigners. People are so nice and friendly! One very nice man insisted on buying some of the group rounds of beer and then he even went out to buy us bags and bags of fried chicken! It was crazy. Tokyo is neato.

We ended the night at McDonalds with shaka shaka fries!


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