Edelweiss ? Japan day 11

Lake Kawaguchi to Tokyo

Woke up bright and early and went down for breakfast for 7:30. We opted for the Japanese style breakfast and it was lovely. Lots of little dishes once again with our own small pot of rice. We had s lovely table at the end of the row overlooking Mt. Fuji. Very peaceful.

After breakfast, we headed out to see a mini theme park called Music Forest near the hotel. We arrived and what a magical place! The first hall we entered had a huge music machine in a large dance hall with little figurines that moved along to the music.

Magical Music Forest mini theme park

All the paths were lined with music boxes you could play. We found a little music box workshop where we painted our own box and chose a song. Chris immediately saw Edelweiss and said, "I love this song! Let's pick this one." So we started painting. As I painted "Japan 2013" on the box though, Chris thought maybe we should pick out a Japanese song, haha. So we frantically went through the Japanese songs and they were all lovely, but by the time we picked one out, the lady had already glued in Edelweiss! Oh wells! We quickly dashed out and caught the bus just in time!

Chris hard at work on our music box

We checked out of the hotel and took the train to see the Chureito Pagoda. We walked by some side streets and saw a bunch of older couples having lunch together outside in their backyard. They all looked up as we walked by and waved at us - ohayo gozaimasu! So friendly and we were jealous of their lovely lunch party. We made it to the base of the hill and made climb to the pagoda ~ 400 steps!

Lots of stairs....

At the top, the view of the pagoda with mt fuji in the back was very nice. There weren't many people up there at all, but we ran into two guys who offered to take our picture, Peter and Ty, who turned out to be from Toronto!

Made it! Chureito Pagoda

Not a bad view

Then we took the train to tokyo!!

We checked into a really nice hotel we booked on Travelzoo (thanks Heidi!) which had a bathroom bigger than our hotel room in Nara!

It was getting late so we took the metro to Ikebukuro - the nearest big station. Ikebukuro has tons of large shopping complexes, and it is a really busy station. After getting a bit confused and turned around, we went to Sunshine City and had dinner. We were feeling like Japan pro's after our 10 days travelling here, but now that we are in Tokyo, things are completely different! It is SO busy and crazy.

In the bottom of Sunshine City, we found a restaurant with people still eating and it turned out to be a make your own okonomiaki place! We hadn't had okonomiaki yet so we went for it. Okonomiaki is like a big pancake, but filled and topped with delicious meat and veggie things! Our server could probably tell we were new at this, so she helped us make our first okonomiaki and at the end, she brought out some surprise free desserts for us!

We wandered around the mall for a bit, but Namco Namja Town (a cool indoor theme park we wanted to go to) was closed for renos until July. Boo! We will just have to come back!


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